About me

A little about me

My name is Stuart and I have had animals since I can remember. Both cats and dogs have been members of the family, among them a hyperactive golden retriever and a very bossy but charismatic West Highland Terrier. Right now we have a young Westie called Islay who is a regular feature on my daily walks, she is a cheeky wee thing but loves other dogs and walks brilliantly in a group environment.


I have always be very engaged with dogs, they have a great ability to sooth and given the right leadership can become the best friends that a human can have, I am a great believer in nurturing the bond with a dog and ensuring that the dog is healthy, happy and above all well exercised.


As a dog owner, you know the benefits of regular exercise for the dogs in our lives, this not only affects their fitness but also personality traits and behavioural defects can often be traced back to a lack of stimuli. We are all very busy individuals these days, overly so I would say, however, we are here to step in where needed to help you out with your dogs happiness.


I have lived and worked in Edinburgh's Bellevue for 16 years and know the area inside out, including all the good spots and perhaps more importantly the safe areas to walk dogs withing our little area of the city.


Bellevue Dog Walking is registered with the city of Edinburgh Council. We are fully insured for liability and accident.